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Puzzle Potion ch.1

Pizza in the Treehouse



Lan and Galen sat in the treehouse with no idea that nightmares and dreams were going to come true. Their lives would be completely different by this time tomorrow. Strangers thought they were brothers since they shared brown hair, brown eyes, and were always together. Really though, they were cousins, which was even better than being brothers because you lived in different houses, so you hardly ever got on each other’s nerves. Sometimes it still happened, but not much. They were as close as could be, and no matter what happened the next day, that wouldn’t change…much.



The boys were reading comics and eating pepperoni pizza. Galen picked off his pepperoni piece by deliciously greasy piece and put them in little rows on a paper plate. “What?” Galen asked as he saw Lan’s head going back and forth from the plate of pepperoni to the slice of cheesey pizza, “you always have to save the best for last.” Lan held up his own piece, with the pepperoni still on it, and gobbled it down. He smiled at his cousin and squished the cheese through some gaps in his teeth until Galen shook his head and went back to his comic book.

After a couple pages were turned and Galen was bent over the comic, only noticing his plate when his hand reached for picked off pepperonis, Lan made his move. Galen’s searching fingers found an empty spot. Galen looked up from reading his comic book and saw Lan smiling at him while he chewed. “Why’re you smiling?”

“No reason,” Lan mumbled, his brown eyes smiling.

Scrunching his eyebrows, Galen looked down quickly and checked his plate. Where there had been four pepperoni, there were now only three and an empty greasy circle. “Hey, where’s my pepperoni?”


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