Once upon time (as any good story should start, well at least all my inner monologues) I wrote a childrens book. This book won out over all my other ideas and half-started projects such as a memoir, a short story collection, a fantasy novel, and many others. So as you can see, for it to actually be completed was quite a thing by itself. This fantasy realism middle grade childrens book (is that enough adjectives for you?), POTION PUZZLE, is about two cousins who go on a magical “treasure hunt” to find ingredients to have a witch make a potion to break a family curse. I then had my book professionally edited by Writers Market 2nd Draft Critique Services https://www.writersdigestservices.com as well as having had a query letter and synopsis edited through their services. I was ready to go!


I then submitted, submitted, and submitted some more, all to no avail. I then began thinking what all authors (at least the ones I know, who happen to be neurotic messes like me) think. My book is HORRIBLE! I’m horrible. I should stop writing. I should throw my laptop in the trash. And it goes on and on into very dark very unlovely places. So, realizing I live in the cornfields of Nebraska, and no longer believing I could trust the opinions of the corn, my friends, or my mother (the saint of a woman should have been suspect when I was a pimply 14 year-old and she told me I was handsome!) I started a Facebook profile (find me https://www.facebook.com/j.d.campbell.author ) focused on writing and started looking for people I could build a community with and found quite a few wonderfully neurotic people like myself and those willing to help us in our various neurosis ( i.e. http://www.insecurewriterssupportgroup.com ).


So, it turns out I’m not a horrible writer (you’d think having a short story and some poetry published as well as winning a few contests would’ve told me that in the first place, but you have to remember I’m neurotic). I just needed to self publish. Ride the wave until the publication surfboard hits me in the head and knocks me out (hopefully I don’t drown). Okay, no problem. Just Bookbay ( https://www.bookbaby.com/ ) it wham bam thank you ma’am. Got a decent quote for decent service. Oh but wait, there’s some googolplexian (yes it’s a number, I swear) amount of books on there. So, now I have to somehow make my book stand out from all of them. Oh, and before I self-publish. Now I’m back to having a book and questioning every step I take from here.

And so begins my journey to self-publishing. You ready? Let’s go!