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Speed Bumps and Lumps



Publish! That’s my goal.

That’s been my goal since high school. That’s been my goal for some 19 years. That’s a long time. I often ask what’s happened since then. In that time life happened. I joined the Army. That was a fun and terrifying few years. I earned two college degrees. That was an intensive year. I was married and divorced. Apparently no matter how hard you try you can’t force each other to be in love. I worked my ass off. Job after job, 50+ hours a week. I published some misguided poetry. I published brutal memoir short stories of my childhood and won a few contests. Then, I got married to a woman I actually was in love with and got a cute, crazy daughter. I spent a few years enjoying the novelty of it. I also found out I have MS (Multiple Sclerosis). I joke with a tear in my eye and say MS stands for Me Screwed.


Now, I’m here. Emboldened by the loving support of family, or at least their grudging understanding, I’m here. I am selfpublishing! Where there’s a will there’s a way, blah, blah, and other inspirational phrases. Really it comes down to this. I’ve wanted to publish. Poems weren’t fulfilling. Short stories weren’t fulfilling. Childrens book here I am! I have a professionally edited manuscript. I have a critique group. I have an interior illustrator. I am getting my book cover started as I type this (Maybe not, she’s in Wales and it’s really freaking early in the morning there right now). I’ve been platforming for a month. Over 1,000 FB friends, over 700 Twitter followers, 30 followers on here. I think that’s okay? I still need more, many more.


There are more speed bumps to slow my goal down. More lumps life will give me in the pursuit of my goal. I only have one thing to say. Let’s do this!


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More than Memories


Memories haunt me. That’s why I wrote creative nonfiction of my childhood. Darkness. Blood. Hunger. Eventually I wanted more than those memories.

Memories remind me. That’s why I wrote of years now turned to dust. Eventually I wanted more than ghosts.

Memories embolden me. That’s why I write for children, to give them a chance at laughter I never had.

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Writers’ Regard

I’m exhaustes. I get about 5 hours of sleep a night after work family writing and platform building. I’m stressed. I doubt my writing and always wonder if platform building will lead to anything. I want to quit. It would be so much easier to say “f” it and spend more time with family and friends, not to mention sleep more.

Then a fellow writer gives me feedback. Not my mom, not my wife, daughter, friend, or guy on the street. Someone who know the craft. Someone you respect as a person. They said the following:

I read the final chapter and I love it! Ties things together nicely and leaves a hint of the next adventure.

I was relieved to see everything “resolved”, his mother is alive and well and his sister is mad about the mirror. I think it’s great! Concise, interesting, and gives closure to the adventure.

It flows very nicely. I’m seriously excited to get this book done and help promote it on my page and blog

I really like your writing, and I’m glad you have other books in the works! It’s a tough market to break through, but a good product is the best tool to do it with.

I continue to fight the good fight!

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Writing Without Rules



From the moment we picked up a crayon to add some scribbly words to a picture for mom to my recently typed submission to my critique group we are told writing has rules. Don’t make up words, a word only means certain things. There’s a perscribed structure to a sentence, a page, book. A story only fits into a certain genre. The list goes on and on and on. A quick search for “rules of writing” on Google comes up with a number ranging from three to 200.

Math wasn’t my strong suit in school. Writing was. Even I know that the number 3 is a different from the number 200. That tells me people have no freakin’ clue. Which is funny because we constantly say to follow this rule or that rule will make you a great author. One of the big 6 (there’s numbers again!) publishers will pick up your self published work and you will be a worldwide best seller. Basically, I just need to figure out which numbered rule out of 200 rules is the one that’ll make me famous.


If it’s this three 3 rules one,…I’m screwed. We applaud those who go outside of the writing box. Made up words are constantly being added to the dictionary. Readers are delighted at unexpected metaphors, word use, and stylistic structure.

All I can do, and what many well-known authors do, just right from the heart. Pick out ideas from the ether. Worship at the feet of my muse. Break all of the rules, and just write. Later I can pick them up, cut myself on their sharp edges, and murder the bits of brilliance that cross the lines in to insanity. First, there’s only one thing to do:





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Prioritizing Dreams


Dreams need prioritizing if they’re ever going to become realities.

I work 8 hours a day. I commute 2 hours a day. I spend 2 hours with my daughter a night. I spend 2 hours with my wife at night. So, 14 hours before downtime of t.v., reading, work prep, etc., etc., etc. Somewhere in there I take time to write and build a community/platform for my writing. That means write new material, edit old material, critique group, blog, tweet, facebook, and research.

The day still only has 24 hours right? My daughter and I are on to 4th grade math, so I’m a bit rusty on my 2nd grade math. 24 hours, 25 hours, whatever. There still isn’t enough time in a day to do just the day to day, let alone follow my dream of writing and now self publishing.

I could give up my dream. Let it die. Give it a funeral. Burn all my manuscripts and put them in an urn on my mantle. Sure, that’d only leave a gaping hole of sorrow, loss, and unfulfilled potential. Well, that doesn’t sound like much fun. And since I’m no H.G. Wells and don’t have a time machine (and we know just how well that turned out for him!), nor is my math creative enough to add more hours in a day, that only leaves one thing.


That meant some long conversations with my wife so she’d understand, saying goodbye to netflixing, taking a shorter lunch at work so I could do all of my work prep at work, and getting better at 4th grade math! All of this in an effort to squeeze some time here and some there for myself, until I made time for my dream.

All I have to say is…this dream better be damn well worth it!

How do you all make time for your dreams?

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A Price Made Priceless

There is a price to everything. Sometimes it’s for something tangible, a car, a home, etc. Sometimes it’s for something intangible, a moment, a memory, a dream. Being a published author. Not a published writer. I have written things that have been published. When I have a full length book published (even if my middle grade book POTION PUZZLE is 93 pages), then I’ll consider myself an author. So that’s the dream. What’s the price?

1. Critique Group $120.00
2. Professional Editing $451.90
3. Interior Illustrations $500.00
4. Book Cover $200.00
5. Professional Self-Publishing $1,500.00
6. Uncounted hours away from family and friends

Doing everything you can to make a dream possible.

Becoming an author: PRICELESS


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In It To Self Publish It!

Self publishing isn’t simple and isn’t free. Sure there are exceptions. Every damn rule has an exception. Most of us aren’t the exception. Some of us choose to self publish for more direct control of our work. Some of us self publish because for whatever reason a publishing company didn’t pick us up. There’s millions of writers and probably a hundred or so different reasons.

Myself…I didn’t get picked up by a publisher.

I’ve had enough short pieces published or win contests to know I have some talent. (Plus my mom told me I did and moms are never wrong!) Granted, each rejection letter was nicely professionally, my mind would interpret it as, “It’s not that we hate you or think you wrote this in crayon (though that might’ve been better), it’s just not for us at the moment and hope you find someone stupid enough or desperate enough to publish you. Have a nice day and try not to make too much of a mess when you commit suicide.”

Ah, the inventive mind of a writer. Right? So, I’m putting the same creativity into self publishing. I’m putting the cold calculation of editing into it. I’m putting the same late, desperate nights of finding the right metaphor into it. I’m putting everything into it.

Are you?